Cal Coach Photo Gallery

We're proud of the cutting edge equipment we use at California Coach Auto Body & Tow. From paint mixers to our state-of-the-art Thermo Air Spray Booth our technicians are fully skilled and trained to enable us to set the highest standards in restoring your car. Ever wondered what goes on after you leave your car with us? Take a glimpse at some of the stages of

auto body paint and body repair.

auto body repair, wrecked
It begins with the unfortunate car accident.
auto tow, wrecked car
We're able to come to you and tow you to our facility—saving you time and aggravation.
metal body work
Skilled technician laboring on the metal repair. Much time is involved in the smoothing process.
auto body work
Some stages of auto body repair require muscle power as well as skill.
auto body repair
All the metal, dented and twisted - being put right. Combination of skill and proper equipment.
auto body painting, technican
Auto paint finishing requires a lot of time and patience in a controlled environment.
prepping car for painting
Partial auto body painting preparation.
auto body repair
Auto body work in progress. Every car is different.
auto body paint, Chrysler
The end result: your car restored! The fender bender is gone.

Collision repair and towing from California Coach Auto Body & Tow serving Diamond Bar, Chino and beyond.